Opening chapter


Genesis – The Beginning.

Ah yes! Typical post for every new site! The opening of a new chapter, full of excitement for the writer, yet another scroll through for the passerby readers. Likewise, I am very excited to start a new blog site. Why did I do this in the first place? Well, here’s a list of leading event…

One – I was told to write my thoughts down by a friend (after attending one of the counselling conducted by her husband). That I shouldn’t gag my feelings for too long, very harmful for my soul, blar blar. So, since I am not good at letting it out, why don’t I write it down?

Now, the thing about me is, I HATE WRITING. No…I should be more honest about my feeling, I HATE LANGUAGE LITERACY! Anything to do with WORDS – reading, writing, spelling, Oh my goodness! It’s just frustrating! Grammars especially, terrible at it. Oh! Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against people who love to do all these things. In fact, I have quite a number of close friends who are English language educators, but as for me, NAH~ not my cup of tea. I am more of  the visual learners (better descriptive word for the lazy readers). Anyway, back to my points.

Two – Ever since the colour of nails started to show some signs of abnormality, I am guessing that my life is…oh well, meeting the end soon. Google really does not help at all by guessing that I might have kidney issues or lung issues. Judging from how lazy i am to call up my heart specialist (whom I still have no idea what her name was) and have it properly checked, you would have guessed that I take my life really lightly. So until my next cardiac appointment, i guess I will just hang on to the loose noose and live everyday like my last (my bestie will be so mad at this). So why not record my thoughts down and attached them with my paintings, you might never know I much historical moment I can claim after I’m gone? :p

And three – Ever since I left my house, MAN! I have been breathing the air like a free man out from prison. #YOLO literally became my life motto. Zero control on my where about and dietary (not that I stuffed myself with coke and KFC, vain bitch alert). 100% financial control, YESSSSsss! So I begin to travel ALOT! So much so that the airplane is about to become a bus, for me.  So yea! With no attachments, I am a free and lost soul, floating on earth without life goals. Might as well start sharing my travel photos with whoever is passing by my diary, right?

And so, this site is up officially. TADA! Well, also partly because its my totally free day at work and I need to act busy, so….yea. IT’S UP! Ladies and Gentleman, may I present, the blog site of that lost soul. Peace out!



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