Easter day program – special service to remember the big chapter of Christ’s life.

Impact life did a skit to relay the Easter messages to the visiting guests and members. Message focuses on 3 main points that leads to the importance of accepting Christ as a family.  The skit content was good, the actors were professional (one of the actress, cried on stage! Like within seconds…AMAZED) however, some scenes were too draggy for me and i started dosing off. So resulting to me writing this in the midst of the skit to prevent myself from dosing off beside my lifegroup mates. And so! Here are my little moment of self awareness – seating 3rd row from the stage, feeling very warm😵 so warm..that I can feel moist on my forehead and the back of my neck,so are my thighs! Oh my goodness! Blasting sound of aircon pipes clashing the sound on stage…and why is there a moth ball scent hanging around my nose?

Dont get me wrong, i LOVE the skit. Considering the time and effort to plan, rehearse and write it, its definitely worth the seat. But really, ITS REALLY WARM IN HERE, and i cant concentrate and sit still! Oh God…should i get myself checked for ADHD??!!


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