Overthinking is poisonous.

And so on Tuesday, I grabbed on enough heart to head out from house to cellgroup (they named it lifegroup here) for the first time in the month of April after being possessed by my evil twin’s anti-social soul.
From my house, I had to cross two roads to the nearest bus stop. Before I did that, I took out my ezlink card (which was also my credit card), had it in my hand, with my phone, all checked and ready before crossing the road. As I reached the waiting area, I had a sudden realisation that my card was no longer in my hand. I panicked (of course, who wouldn’t?!) not so much to the extend that my heart  would stop for a second but, bad enough, and trailed back my track to look for it. Walked back home to check again, just in case whatever happened for the past 5 minutes was only an illusion, still couldn’t find it. Given up, I called the bank to cancel my card and had to take my housemate’s ezlink card instead.

Heading out again, because I was determine enough to join the lifegroup that day (for some reason), I walked back the same trail to the bus stop. So with my head down, looking very hard on the ground for it, a Malay guy wearing a motorbike helmet approached me, with a cigarette in his hand.

Him: “You looking for something?”
Me: “Yea”
Him: “A card?”
Me: “Yea! How did you know?”
He took out the card and hand it to me.
Him: ” I found it on the grass beside my bike”
Me: ” OMG! Thank you! Thank you so much! *smiled as wide as my lips could stretch*
Him: “But I have called to cancel it though”
Me: “Me too! Thank you so much!

It feels great to get back my lost item and knowing a strange would go through such great extend to cancel the lost card for you. It felt as though the horrendous roller coaster ride I took at the USS had come to an end. Such delight. But, my inner voice had to ruin it.
So, how did that guy cancelled my card? I mean, you need to key in your IC number to get through the customer service right, no? So what makes him so sure that I was the owner of the card? Blah blah blah…

See how this questions could start a world war 3? Overthinking is dangerous. Have a little faith, would you?



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